“To have more you must be willing to become more.”

This simple idea has had such a positive impact on our lives, that we are committed to sharing the lessons we have learned to help you improve your skills and become more. We believe you deserve more. More success, more health, more time, more money, more purpose.

If God Is Love, Why Not Put God First?

I have been thinking about how or if to share this message for over a year now, and I am reminded, "the story in your mind always becomes the story in your life". Before watching [...]

Setting Goals For 2017

Saying Goodbye isn't always easy, however it's time to say goodbye to 2016 and Hello to 2017. This year is welcoming you with open arms and anticipating you make it your best year ever. Did [...]

Working From Home As A Couple

We were not always entrepreneurs, as both Elaina & I had previous careers. Like anything new there is always an adjustment period. In this post we talk about the importance of having a schedule and [...]

Ivan & Elaina Sisco’s Better Way Story

We can tell you it wasn't always easy as both Ivan and Elaina were never interested in becoming entrepreneurs. Ivan's background was a school teacher, working with at-risk youth, while Elaina was a Federal Government [...]

The Truth About Working From Home & Creating Financial Freedom!

There is a huge myth that you can build a successful business from home without working hard on yourself, without becoming more valuable to the marketplace. Ivan gives you the hard-core truth about what it [...]

Self Worth – You Are Worth It?

In today's world it's not hard to see that most people struggle with self-worth issues. Much of this has to do with the media, television, magazines, stardom, medication, etc. It's a constant struggle to fit [...]

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